About Us

About US

TransAfrican Fibre Services was established in 2004 to provide fibre optic services to the telecommunications industry. Over the years, our service offering has grown to focus on training and today we are recognised as the leading expert in fibre optic training in South Africa.

Our vision is to be the best in our industry at providing professional and quality fibre optic training, consultation, services and solutions. We have recognised the growing demand for fibre skills and services in the African market and strive to provide quality training and courses that are constantly being updated to meet with current trends and demands. We ensure that our delegates complete training courses knowing that they have achieved the best that the industry has to offer and that they are well prepared to enter the marketplace.

Course facilitator – Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley has been in the cabling business since 1993 and is the director and owner of TransAfrican Fibre Services. Over the two decades spent in the industry, Justin has gained invaluable experience working on various fibre installation projects in South Africa and the African continent. Justin has been fortunate to have been part of the growth of South Africa’s telecommunications network over the years and has worked on many prestigious projects, from the installation of the country’s second network operator’s fibre backbone and the soccer stadium network infrastructure for the 2010 World Cup, to building infrastructures in data centres for mobile and telecom network operators. Justin is licensed by Light Brigade and Optical Technology Training to teach a range of fibre optic training courses in South Africa.